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Who would benefit from consulting an animal intuitive communicator?

Anyone with a connection to an animal or animals, who would enjoy a better understanding of the animals in their life.  Pet Keepers, Vets, Trainers, Behaviorists, Groomers, Show Dog Handlers, Dog Walkers and anyone else with a connection to animals. 

What kind of animals can benefit from this work?

Any animal with which you have a relationship and know well.

How does it work? What do I do?

You will call or e-mail with your request for a session.  At this time you will provide minimal information including the name, gender and location of the animal. Limiting the information he receives, allows Robert to verify that the communication is coming from the animal. You can also include any particular question you would like to ask. An appointment will be made for you to call Robert at an agreed time.

Before speaking with you, Robert will contact the animal in question and write up the information received. In your phone conversation, he will share this information with you. At this time, if you have other related questions, you can ask them.

Note: Neither the animal nor pictures need be present for a session.

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