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Robert's Story

Robert had been told for many years that he was very intuitive. It was not until the mid-nineties that he became aware how intuitive he was and how this ability could be helpful to others.

At a gathering in Arizona, a group exercise paired Robert up with a woman he had never met before. She was to give him only a first name and a state in which that person lived. From that limited information, Robert was to spend the next fifteen minutes telling the woman all that he saw or thought. Her only reply could be “that fits my information,” or “that does not fit my information,” so that there could be no leading answers.

In the allowed time, Robert then told his partner that this person was her daughter, and then began to describe her daughter, her daughter’s husband, their two children including, the genders of the children, their house and even the view from the living room window. He was shocked at the results and said “it was like watching a movie”. Later he learned that this was, in fact, Remote Viewing.

Based on this experience, Robert decided to further explore his potential and took up the study of the Akashic Records. After completing his study of the Akashic Records process, his teachers told him that he did not have to go through the procedure of opening the Records as they were always open to him.

Armed with this affirmation of his ability, Robert begin doing readings for various friends and family. With each reading he was able to provide insights, perspective and answers to their questions. All of which they felt were extremely helpful in allowing them to better understand the path they are on and make better decisions.

A couple of years ago, a friend begin pressuring him to try doing intuitive readings  with animals. After much resistance, Robert agreed to attempt communicating with her cat. He did this with the idea of writing down whatever came to mind, feeling that the information would then stop the friend from pressuring him to follow this path. 

Robert asked the friend that she provide only the name and gender of the cat so that he would have no preconceived ideas. He then did the session with the cat, and called the owner the next day to report the interaction. During the telephone conversation it was pointed out that Robert was referring to cat with phrases such as “he said”, “he told me”. While his intuitive ability was key in opening the door, it was clear that this communication was a conversation.

He found he was able to provide the friend with specific details that included certain fears resulting from contact with a larger animal, a dislike of certain foods and even a physical ailment. Much to his surprise, all of the information he had from his conversation with the cat was verified. The cat was being bullied by a larger cat, was on a diet that he did not like, but could not eat the food he liked because it made him sick, and he was developing a tumor in his side.

Since this discovery Robert has added extensive communication with animals to his practice. He is often able to provide animal caretakers with readings that include information aiding them in understanding the relationship between the animals in their care and themselves.

In 1996 Robert became a certified Hypnotherapist. Hypnosis is a powerful tool that enables us to enlist the sub-conscious mind to support the client in changing habits and/or enhance performance on all levels.

Robert became a Life Coach in 2002. He has found his intuitive abilities to be an asset in assisting clients to define and achieve their career, business and personal goals.

He realizes that, for him, there is no more satisfying role in life than to assist people in their quest toward a better understanding of their own lives. Through his work Robert supports his clients in choosing the life they seek, and in having satisfying relationships with the humans and animals in their lives. Robert continues to work with people throughout the United States, and has received favorable testimonies from all.

Robert Nelson

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