Animal Insights

Why would you consult an animal Intuitive/Communicator?

  • To gain insight and understanding of your animal friend
  • Recent behavioral changes
  • Medical issues
  • Training challenges
  • Aggression

 Absolutely any reason at all!

How well do you really know your animal friends?

Insightful Communication

Do you ever wonder what they need, what they are concerned about, what they hope for, wish for or feel about the lives they live? Would you like to know?

Most animal keepers understand that animals have personalities. However, these personalities are often defined through our own human filters. That is, to say the animals are interpreted through the life experiences of the human with which they live. When you begin to understand life from the animal’s perspective, everything can change, from how you interpret your animal’s behavior to how you understand the needs and feelings the animal experiences. A deeper understanding leads to a higher level of interaction and relationship between you and your animal friend.