Animal Insights


Robert, I wanted to take the time to thank you for communicating with both of my cats. It was such an interesting experience for me and I find myself looking at them a little differently now but with a smile. What was amazing to me was how well you were able to pick up on their individual habits and behavior. This was so thrilling for me to hear because it validated to me that you were able to talk to them...

Alison D. - Illinois

Robert, the information you have shared along the way in this journey of giving my beloved pets a voice has provided us with an understanding unsurpassed in our time living together as a family. The insights you provided regarding Frequency, Nirvana and Max has meant more to us all than you can possibly understand. We hope you can embrace what a powerful and important role you have played in our lives.

Renee C. - Arizona

Thank you for your insight about my horse Grace. You not only pegged him for who he is but told me many things I wondered about him. I cherish the bond I have with him and your reading can only make that stronger.

Emily R. - Arizona